Voting Security

Do you agree with me that only citizens should be eligible to vote? Not everyone does. There are those in our country and our state who seem want to allow non-citizens to vote. I will review our registration procedures to assure that we have independent verification of citizenship status. I support Voter ID measures that do not impose an undue burden on voters.

I oppose so-called “automatic” voter registration. Requiring the small amount of effort that it takes to register to vote means that the citizen who registers cares enough to participate. We can make it as easy as to register as it is to buy a lottery ticket, but that won’t increase meaningful participation in voting. Then, too, we must be cautious at all points to assure that only U.S. citizens who are Nebraska residents are registering to vote.

Secret ballot elections are the cornerstone of our representative democracy. Without the confidence that our elections are honest and not fraudulent, we will not have confidence that our representatives have been elected fairly, and we will lose confidence in the laws that they pass and administer.

As has been demonstrated across the country, once voting corruption occurs it is almost impossible to eradicate. The time to address this problem is before it occurs. As Secretary of State, I will work to assure that our elections remain fair and secure.


Public Safety

The Secretary of State is one of three members of the powerful Nebraska Board of Pardons. The Pardons Board has the unreviewable power to pardon convicted criminals or commute their sentences. I am one of the co-founders of Nebraskans for the Death Penalty, the organization that successfully put the legislature’s death penalty repeal on the ballot. I was one of the leaders of this effort, speaking in support of the death penalty at forums across the state. Nebraskans overwhelmingly voted to keep the death penalty. I am committed to public safety. I am committed to personal responsibility. As a member of the Pardons Board, I will keep those commitments to the citizens of our state.


Conservative Values

As your Secretary of State, I will be an advocate for the conservative values that are part of our Nebraska way of life. I'm a constitutional conservative who believes in limited government and personal responsibility. I'm proudly pro-life and pro-family. I will defend our Second Amendment rights and speak out against gun control.  I want our borders to be secure. I support those who have immigrated legally and I oppose rewarding those who are in our country illegally.


Securing Our Economic Future

Over the past four years, Nebraska exported an average $7 billion annually. The overwhelming majority of these exports were agricultural products.  Agriculture is the economic lifeblood of our state. The Secretary of State is the official Ambassador of Nebraska to the world. I will work in concert with Governor Ricketts and his administration to enhance the export of Nebraska products. Our state’s agricultural economy can help feed the world. As Secretary of State, I will promote Nebraska exports in support of Nebraska’s economy.